Project history:

This project has arisen, when I have completely realized amount of works on translation of the project necessary for me from MSVC 7.0 to Delphi. After search of similar projects on the Internet and almost unsuccessful attempts to apply the given utilities, I have understood, that it is necessary try to realize the project of automatic translation from C ++ to Delphi. So the project “MSVC-2-Delphi-Translator” has appeared.


Project Goal:

Open Source MSVC 2 Delphi Translator is the translation utilities toolset with IDE that support translating Microsoft VC 7.0 projects, libraries with source code, API headers to Delphi 7.0


  • C/C++ to Delphi translator (command line only)
  • Base translation libraries - (libraries of replacing types, functions calls, classes of standart C/C++ libraries to standart Delphi libraries)
  • Front-end IDE
  • Make utility compatible with VC 7.0 (command line only, additional options are: optimizations of combining header files and code for compiler)
  • C/C++ Preprocessor compatible with VC 7.0 (command line only, additional options are: optimization based on choice: translations to functions calls or evolutions macros)
  • Development environment:

  • Borland Delphi 7.0
  • Borland C++ Builder 6.0
  • Supported OS

  • MS Windows 95-XP
  • Phases of development:

    The full time of first version project development at the current amount of developers - about 1 year

  • Current phase:C/C++ to Delphi translator(command line only)
  • ...
  • Developers search:

    Need for peoples wishing to take part in development of the project, freely owning C/C ++ and Delphi.

    Project Home Page: